I am hoping to visit Paraguay and study Spanish (and Guarani language in Paraguay which is particular to Paraguay) but there is no official "full time school" (or at least I have not found the relevant information yet). I have found information on a school called Idipar, but it's not full-time.

My scholarship agency would be happier to fund my language studies at a full-time school which has all the relevant paperwork (bureaucracy) and a student affairs section.

Also, are there any universities that offer courses in English so, one can get a feel of the academic environment? It helps the transition into Spanish/Guarani speaking mode too.

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You can take classes at La Universidad Autonoma de Asuncion

I also found these two classified adds:



I had better luck searching in Spanish instead of English. Try searching for

aprender español en paraguay
español para extranjeros en paraguay
escuela de idiomas en paraguay

if you have chrome, the browser will ask you if you want to auto-translate the page.

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