I travel outside the country for family and business, I would like to know how I can find out how long I stayed. I can't keep track on the passport stamps. Is there a website that can tell you how long you stayed outside the country?

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No, there's no one website. You should keep track of your travel, the best way is to keep a spreadsheet where you keep track of every exit and entry and destinations visited. You'll need to provide the dates of travel and the destinations on your N400, so it would help you a lot to write it down as you're traveling.

If you hadn't done it, you'll have to retroactively reconstruct this information. Use the passport stamps, but these are not very reliable - in many countries you don't get stamps, or you can get stamp in one country while visiting multiple (e.g.: in Europe). So you'll probably want to go through your flight and hotel reservations, expense reports, and any other record you may have.

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