1. When a Non-Spanish citizen (but from EU), who is empadronado (resident) in Spain, what does he/she need to do and to pay, if he/she wants a tarjeta de la seguridad social (social security card)?
  2. Same questions for a Spanish citizen, who has been living abroad for some years.

And for children (age 8 and below)?

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I can't answer the question about Spanish citizens, but when I (UK citizen) obtained my social security card about 5 years ago it didn't cost me anything. Nor, for that matter, did registering for the tarjeta sanitaria. The only key piece of documentation which I had to pay for was the NIE.

  • I don't have official backups for saying this, but yes, AFAIK, if you have a valid NIE and the relative that's "in charge of you" is in good standing with Seguridad Social, your Tarjeta Sanitaria is granted. If you're out of your "Comunidad Autónoma" maybe you're denied some services, but not on your residence zone.
    – brasofilo
    Mar 17, 2016 at 5:49

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