My husband has been living in Germany for almost 7 years now. He came as a student, worked on a blue card job and now has PR as well. He should now be eligible to apply for citizenship (with the German b1 exam result).

I have been in Germany for almost 5 years now. I studied for 2.5 years and since then worked here with a blue card job. I am currently waiting for my PR appointment. I also have a German b1 certificate. We have been married for 1.5 years.

When my husband applies for his citizenship, can I also apply together with him? Or do I need to wait for my 2 years of marriage to complete first?

The waiting time in Berlin is also long. So is it possible that my husband applies for the citizenship now and I can submit a supplementary application separately once my 2 years of marriage have been completed?

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This is often a discretionary decision (Ermessungsentscheidung) of the official accepting the application – the first step of which is a consultation appointment.

Based on the fact that the Berlin service states that for applications made together shorter deadlines apply (how short is probably again a matter of discretion), you should apply together.

In the worst case they will only say that the second one is unlikely to succeed.

Einbürgerung - Verleihung der deutschen Staatsangehörigkeit beantragen - Dienstleistungen - Service Berlin - Berlin.de Voraussetzungen

  • 3 Jahren, wenn Sie seit mindestens zwei Jahren mit einer Deutschen oder einem Deutschen verheiratet sind oder eine Lebenspartnerschaft geschlossen haben
  • Wenn Ihre Ehefrau oder Ihr Ehemann oder Ihre Kinder zusammen mit Ihnen einen Antrag stellen, gelten kürzere Fristen.


  • 3 years if you have been married to a German person for at least two years or have entered into a civil partnership
  • If your wife or husband or children apply with you, shorter deadlines apply.

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