I am an Indian citizen with long term Italian green card (family purpose), my husband is Italian. He recently got a Job in Switzerland and we will soon move from Milan to Canton of Bern. Since I do not yet have an European passport, I was wondering if anyone can help me if I will be able to still legally work and stay there ?

Thank you

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Yes you will. See https://www.sem.admin.ch/sem/en/home/themen/fza_schweiz-eu-efta/eu-efta_buerger_schweiz/faq.html

Who may apply for family members to join them and reside in Switzerland?

  • Spouses
  • Children or grandchildren who are under 21 years of age or who financially depend on the petitioner
  • Parent(s) and grandparent(s), provided that they financially depend on the petitioner (they must prove that they were dependent on the petitioner before entering Switzerland). For students the entitlement to family reunification is limited to the spouse and children entitled to financial support.

Under the terms of the AFMP, the right to family reunification is subject to the condition that housing be adequate to lodge the entire family.

Are family members allowed to work in Switzerland?

Spouses and children of EU/EFTA nationals who are admitted to Switzerland under family reunification are legally entitled to work regardless of their nationality.

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