My wife is currently in the process of drawing up her application for ILR in the UK using form SET(M). She's been in the UK for 4 years now.

Among the documents that are required with the application are a birth certificate and a marriage certificate. Does anyone have any idea whether a copy and translation of my wife's koseki tohon (family register) is enough to satisfy these requirements, or do you actually need a marriage certificate and birth certificate? In Japan those documents don't generally exist and are subsumed in the koseki tohon, which contains all that information.

Would appreciate any help you can give. She came originally on a marriage visa and extended it through the FLR(M) form but neither of us can remember if last time we just submitted the koseki tohon or we included other documents.

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According to this US embassy page, there -is- a separate record, that is kept by the "Legal Affairs Bureau" for 27 years. I'm not sure what exactly that is, but it might be worth a shot if the koseki tohon is insufficient.

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