I know that as a tourist, some department store will do tax refund for foreigners when you show them your passport.

But this time I will be going as with a Working Holiday Visa, not visitor visa.

Will I still be eligible to get the tax refund for foreigners?

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As per the current tax free shopping regulations, visitors with a temporary stay status are eligible for tax-free shopping.

  • Japanese citizens are not eligible.

  • Not eligible if you are working in Japan.

  • Not eligible if staying in Japan more than six months.

If you have a working holiday visa, I imagine you are working in Japan and are therefore ineligible to receive this tax refund.

For full information on tax free shopping in Japan you can check out enjoy.taxfree.jp


No, tax-free shopping is only available to foreign citizens whose status of residence is "temporary visitor". Your status will not be "temporary visitor" (it will probably be "designated activities").

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