I'm an IT support engineer with 3 Years experience, currently holding a Professional Graduate Diploma in IT (PGD)(BCS) which is equivalent to a university honors degree in England, and is recognized as a level 6 qualification. But I am wondering whether my qualifications will be recognized in New Zealand and Australia.

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According to NZQF (New Zealand Qualifications Framework) Postgraduate diplomas and certificates, Bachelors degrees with Honours is LEVEL 8 and can score 50 points Bachelors degrees, Graduate diplomas is LEVEL 7 and can score 50 points Since you mentioned your qualification is equivalent to a university honors degree in England, it should be recognized by NZQF as LEVEL 8 Please refer the below link, http://glossary.immigration.govt.nz/NZRegisterOfQualityAssuredQualifications.htm

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