I'm from istanbul,Turkey and I want out. I don't think I can live here anymore and would like to move to Prizren,Kosovo. Why Prizren? Because people there speak Turkish, its quiet and its affordable for me. Anyway, I want to live a simpler life and don't want to be a bigshot in companies. Just want to be some chef or waiter in a restaurant. It seems possible that they hire a Turkish in Prizren. Kosovo gives 90 day stay permit without a visa.

So my question is:

If I get an invitation from an agency and enter the country as a tourist (on paper) and look for a job, then find a job, Will this job get me a work permit? Is it legal to do this?

the other alternative is to get an invitation from a business before moving to Kosovo, but how do I get an invitation from a restaurant owner in Prizren right now? seems very hard.

my source : http://www.moveoneinc.com/country-profiles/kosovo/immigration-to-kosovo/

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I think it's ok to go there as a tourist, look for a job and ask the autorities to extend your stay. From rks-gov.net:

Normally, visitors that are allowed entry into Kosovo are permitted to stay up to 90 days. The persons willing to extend their stay for more than 90 days should appear at the Foreigner Registration Office, which is located in the Headquarters building at Luan Haradinaj Street in Prishtina.

The stay permit for foreigners in Kosovo – For a longer stay in Kosovo the foreigners should apply at the Foreigner Registration Office for a stay permit in Kosovo. A temporary stay permit may be issued to foreigners for these reasons:

  • Tourism and entertainment
  • Employment and business
  • Studying in one of the educational institutions in Kosovo
  • Family union with a permanent resident of Kosovo
  • Family union with a member of diplomatic body in Kosovo
  • Marriage with a permanent resident of Kosovo

A stay permit may be extended, if the reasons the permit was issued have not changed and if the application for this permit was justified with required documents.