There is this VIE program, so-called International Internship Programme.

The principle is to work abroad, and it applies to many European citizens. The work contract is a bit specific.

I am wondering what is the immigration status of such a contract when doing it in Canada. Is it a simple work permit?

I am particularly worried if there is any impact on a possible future application to the IEC (International Experience in Canada): will I be allowed to participate to both programs?

As a bonus. I would like to know if it has any (positive or negative) impact on a future permanent residence application?

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The best I can figure the VIE is a program where you get an internship with a French company and then that company transfers you abroad to learn how business works over on the other side.

So if that is the case you will be either an intra-company transfer or more likely a Business Visitor. In the first case the company that you're working for will have to give you a Work Permit in Canada for which the duration could be up to 7 years but in the second case you will need get a Temporary Resident Visa.

I would think that the best way to determine this would be to contact Ubifrance which administers this program.

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