This is regarding the resident visa application under skilled migrant category.

With regards to work experience documents, The check-list expects below information:

enter image description here

Am I suppose to submit,

1) Joining letter
2) Relieving letter
3) Appraisal letter
4) Payslips(3-6)
5) Form-16

as originals or attested copies? It is not feasible for me to send original documents as I need them for different reasons.

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The required documents table indicates that you must present letters of reference from all employers you have during the last 10 years. Those reference letters must be originals, and may require that you contact a previous employer and request one, written on company letterhead, and signed. You would want to keep a copy for yourself.

For the next group (joining, relieving, appraisal letters, and 3-6 months of most recent payslips), take both an original and a copy of each and have them attested. If any are multiple pages, each page should be attested separately.

The form is meant to be printed by you, completed, signed and the original accompanies your application. Again, you should keep a copy for yourself.

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