I am applying for a UK Ancestry visa from South Africa, to live and work in the UK. I have completed my application form, signed the declaration, booked an appointment and paid the visa fees.

I now have to create a Teleperformance account in South Africa, before I can go to my appointment. When creating my Teleperformance account, the compulsory 'Visa type & Travel Purpose' dropdown only has the following options:

Student; Transit; Other Non-Settlement; Family Visitor (>6 months); Family Visitor (<6 months); Settlement; Visitor (>6 months); Visitor (<6 months); Tier 1; Tier 2; Tier 4; Tier 5.

Ancestry Visa does not fall under any of those visa types. But I have to select one of these to move forward and create a Teleperformance account. Their Contact Us page is useless and is a 'Feedback and Complaints' page, where you can't actually add any feedback or complaints. There is no email or number to call, so I am stuck.

My visa appointment is very soon so I am stressing out a bit. If anyone has had experience with Ancestry Visas and this Teleperformance site, advice would be most helpful.

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    The Ancestry Visa is a type of Settlement Visa. So you would select 'Settlement'
    – Gayot Fow
    Commented Mar 18, 2015 at 19:17

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Yes it does. As a South African/Kiwi (I applied on my NZ passport), I too was eligible for an Ancestry Visa, and as it's not a temporary visa, but you're not settling, you'd select 'other non-settlement'.


  • Settlement is "indefinite leave to remain" (source: UK GOV)
  • Ancestry gives you 5 years in the UK (source: UK GOV)
  • you can however apply to extend, OR apply for settlement (same source)

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