I want to return to America for a visit every other year, as I am now living in China. I need to be able to drive while in the US. I cannot get a Chinese drivers license, because I am too old. I'm 74, and China limits drivers licenses to those under 69.

My Nevada drivers license expires before I will travel back to US. Can I renew it when there? I do not have a Nevada residential address.


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You may be out of luck.

While Nevada DMV provides for out of state renewal by mail or via internet but suggests contacting them prior to submitting the form there are some requirements that you're unlikely to meet:

  1. You need a Nevada Address
  2. You will need to attach your eye exam if renewing out of state by mail
  3. Since you're over 71 you will need a medical report from a licensed physician.

Plus if you have not renewed your license in 8 years you must renew in person.

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