I will reach state pension age in 2016 and have 35 qualifying years in the UK, so will receive a full pension. Between 1992 and 2005 I lived and worked in Holland, so have 13 years of contributions towards an AOW Pension as well. Will I receive the AOW as well as my State Pension for those years? These combined years give me a work history of 45 years in total.

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You should indeed be entitles to the dutch AOW pension. The sum will be 13/50 = 26% of the full pension.

Depending on your marital state, this adds up to a pre-tax amount between 200 (married) and 300 (single) in Euro per month. There is a possibility that your spouse was also under the dutch social security system during those 13 years, in which case 2 times 200 euros.

Pension age is currently 65.25 years and is being gradually raised. The start date of pension entitlement hence depends on your exact age.

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