I have been living in Norway for soon over a year and I was wondering what to do with insurance. I am insured at Storebrand with my employer (private pension, travel, accident) and my girlfriend has an innboforsikring that covers me as well.

In Germany, I know that there are certain private insurances that are a must have, like a Haftpflichtversicherung that covers damages you cause to others, like for example accidentally setting a house on fire. Are there insurances that you should get for yourself when living in Norway that are considered a "must-have"?

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Check the details of your innboforsikring, mine from Tryg includes legal expenses and private liability insurance ("Rettshjelp og privatansvar"), and I would guess other insurance companies do the same. This is the case for both their standard and "ekstra" insurance. See for instance here: http://www.tryg.no/forsikringer/innboforsikring.html


Depends on your situation I think. If you rent a home you definitely want a good Innbo-insurance.

If you own a home you need to have a Villa-insurance. If you have kids I'd recommend Barne-insurance.

The Travel-insurance is vital in all cases, so if you lose that; get a private one. It covers most things that could happen while on the go; except for using a car of course.

For a car you'd want the Delkasko-insurance or Fullkasko-insurance, depending on how expensive the car is. Delkasko is fine if it's a cheap car (for you). Both cover damage to your windshield.

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