I have currently moved to Ohio, US. I was planning to start renting cars month on month since my company would be reimbursing it. But they refused to reimburse for insurance. So I have to pay the CDW and Liability Protection from my own pocket. My Credit card covers CDW but I am losing my brains over what to do with liability protection. I have started inquiring about non owner auto policy, but GEICO refused me cover since I am renting cars too frequently and for long duration. I would be calling up other insurance providers and check. Should I remain hopeful? If I have to pay $300-400 for liability every month, It would be better to buy or lease a car isn't it?

  • Please rephrase this in the form of a question that can be answered - the two questions in here are "should I remain hopeful?" and "would it be better to buy or lease a car?". These are very broad questions ...
    – Scott Earle
    Dec 10, 2015 at 3:55

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I've been in similar situation, I've talked with GEICO and Progressive as suggested in answer to this question: «California car insurance for rental cars?»

Unfortunately, what I have learned is that you cannot get their insurance unless you own a car. Once you have insurance for your own car, it does cover rentals to some extent. But it's not possible to get an insurance that would cover only rental cars.

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