My girlfriend is going to apply for the Doctorate Extension Scheme under Tier 4. The maintenance requirement is £2530 for 28 days. She has two accounts summing up to roughly £2500. She also has a Chinese credit card, which is more like a prepaid card with more or less £1000 equivalent. This is the money she overpaid and can be spent as normal bank account balance.

I am quite paranoid about this because the Tier 4 policy guidance clearly states that "Other accounts or financial instruments such as shares, bonds, overdrafts, credit cards and pension funds are not acceptable." My girlfriend tends to think that means "credit card (limits)" because that comes right after "overdrafts". She certainly has a point. It is understandable that either credit card limits or overdraft facilities cannot be used as fund proofs.

I found the following question in SE, but it not exactly the same as her case.


Does anyone have a certain answer about this matter? Many thanks!

  • The question you referenced is about tourist visas, primarily for Schengen. – Gayot Fow Jan 8 '16 at 22:18

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