I have a Post Graduate work permit valid up to 2018. I have a NOC class A 2175 job and I am planning to apply for permanent residence. My employer has already filed a pre-screen application under the International Student with a job offer category under OINP in January. The processing time for this application is 90 days. After the approval of this, I have to apply for a Nominee application, the processing time for which is 90 days again which will give me 600 points in my Express Entry profile.

I got married in January. My wife is in India and I want to get her in Canada as soon as possible.

Basically I can think of couple of options:

(1) File my Nominee application as married and wait to get the permanent residence under Express Entry which will take me at least 8 months.

(2) Apply for a work permit for my wife as my dependent. Somebody suggested that this process is quick and generally takes only a month. However I could not find a proper link on CIC to do so.

What is the procedure for this?

What are the requirements?

Do I have to show any balance in my bank account?

Does she need to give IELTS or similar exam before coming here?

A link explaining all of this would be really great.

(3) Any other option that I am not aware of.

UPDATE 1 I have tried calling CIC inquiring this and I have asked a couple questions regarding this. When asked they sent me a generic email dumping all the information in it but not giving answers to my specific questions, so my question still remains the same.

UPDATE 2 I have tried talking to CIC customer service again today to apply for a spousal work permit making my wife as my dependent. Upon talking to them, I told them I had opened up a MyCIC account under my wife's name and that the application showed that I had to upload the IMM1295 but it isn't asking for any information regarding my job which isn't right because the work permit is dependent on the type of job I have. Upon asking CIC customer service representative about the details about where do I need to provide the information about my job and other info, I was told you have to submit it as optional documents with the application which doesn't seem right as these are the most important documents required for this application. I am really hoping I get some help here because other sources are not being helpful right now.

  • The fact that the documents are optional doesn't necessarily imply that they are seen as unimportant to your application; it could just mean that such documents are not required for all application types. Is the application form you're using specific to a dependant work permit? It apppears not to be. Why would people on the internet be able to give better advice than CIC customer service?
    – phoog
    Feb 5, 2016 at 13:50
  • @phoog That's what I thought too. But I thought people with similar experiences might know what I am doing wrong here. They mention it here that I should have a job listed in Skill Level 0, A or B. I am pretty sure they would be interested in seeing documents related to my job and more. There is a question checklist which I have to answer and based on that the type of work permit to be applied is decided. So basically I have just answered the questions they asked. I am not sure if it is the right application form or not.
    – Dipen Shah
    Feb 5, 2016 at 14:08

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I will leave an answer if this helps future visitors. I applied the work permit through a consultancy firm which asked me this as the document checklist. I got the work permit finally after the processing time ( 2 months)

Documentary Evidence to be supplied by Student/Worker In Canada on Temporary Residence Visa (Work Permit or Study Permit):

  • Proof of status In Canada : Copy of Valid Work Permit/Study Permit.
  • Copy of Valid Passport ( All Stamp Pages).
  • Proof of income i.e. Letter from current employer.
  • Last 6 months of Payslips and 6 months Checking Account Bank Statement to verify the salary deposited.
  • Most Recent T-1 General (Income Tax Return) & Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada.
  • Most Recent T-4 Statement of Remuneration.
  • Proof Of Funds In Canadian Bank Account. (Recommended Funds $ 12000.00 in Saving Accounts).
  • Copy of your Final Transcript & Diploma From College/University.

Forms to be completed by Main Applicant outside Canada:

  • Application for Temporary Resident Visa [IMM 5257]
  • Family Information [IMM 5645]
  • Schedule 1 – Application for Temporary Resident Visa [IMM 5257 – Schedule 1]
  • Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union [IMM 5409] ( If Applicable)
  • IMM 5476-Use of Representative form.

Documentary Evidence to be Supplied by Main Applicant outside Canada:

  • $255.00 Visa Processing Fee (Online Payment Required Credit Card Details).
  • Copy of Birth Certificate.
  • One passport size Digital Scan photograph.
  • Copy of passport (All stamped page).
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate.
  • Copy of Divorce Certificate (if applicable).
  • Employment Confirmation Letter from Current Employer.
  • Holiday/Leave Letter from current Employer.
  • Last 6 months of Payslips and 6 months Checking Account Bank Statement to verify the salary deposited
  • Most Recent Year Income Tax Return - Main Applicant.
  • All Bank Passbook with recent entries in your Home Country.
  • All the Fixed Deposit Copies in your Home Country.
  • Current Dated Valuation Reports of Property in your Home country.
  • Most Recent Year Income Tax Return - (Parents or In-laws, If applicable to Support source of income and funds).
  • Immigration E-Medical Examination.(Original Confirmation) (http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/medical/medexams-perm.asp).
  • Police Clearance Certificate for each country you have lived in for more than six months since the age of 18. (http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/security/police-cert/index.asp)

Not all of these things are required ofcourse, but this a generic checklist they asked for.

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