I married a Bulgarian girl, and I will apply for visa D and apply for family residence there. Can i know exactly how many years I need to get permanent residence and citizenship? I searched a lot but I found various articles. Some says family permanent residence after 2 years and other articles says after 5 years. Please if anyone have specific information about that or trusted reference, that will be great.

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Several official references out there (UK Governmental website, PDF document from Europa.eu and Bulgarian Governmental website) seem to suggest that in order to apply for a permanent Bulgarian residence you have to have resided in Bulgaria for five years. Now, the Bulgarian governmental website also states a particular condition which applies to foreigners who married a Bulgarian national:

  • foreign nationals who married either a Bulgarian national, or a foreign national residing permanently in Bulgaria since two years;

The way I understand this is that if you married a Bulgarian national you can apply for permanent residence straight away. You can also do so if you married a foreigner who's been residing permanently in Bulgaria for the past two years.

This is also echoed by the PDF I linked from Europa.eu, which states:

  1. a) b) Yes, citizens or persons granted permanent residence in the Republic of Bulgaria can bring non-EU spouses. People resident in the Bulgaria who are Bulgarian citizens by birth or who have acquired citizenship are all permitted to bring the following family members to the Bulgaria:

    1. a spouse;

Ultimately, if you still have doubts, the best way to go about this is to contact your local Bulgarian diplomatic mission and ask them. Personally, that's what I would do.

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