I have BSc in Civil engineering and Msc in Transportation System (ITS) and I have 3+ years of working experience as Software developer. I appeared in IELTS and made score 7 in all sections.

Will I be eligible to apply for PR (subclass 189) as IT professional in Australia provided I have different educational background ? It not, are there other paths I could take, for example, if I get another MSc in Computer science/ Information technology, will I be able to attain the requirement ? Please, advise.


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You could do. Vendor certifications are accepted as IT qualifications by the ACS (page 10 of guidelines). It would be quicker to get a Microsoft/Cisco etc.. qualification than a Masters. Note though it is a full certification you need not just passing one of the exams - well that is the case with the MS exams which I'm most familiar with. You can even get a positive assessment result with no IT qualifications at all by completing a Recognition of Prior Learning (again see guidelines).

Bear in mind though the lower your qualification the more years of experience you will need to offset this. Someone without an IT qualification would need 6 years more experience than someone with a BSc or Masters in IT in order to score the same points.

Good luck with your application

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