I am planning to apply for Australian PR under sub class 189/190. The assessment body is ACS (Australian Computing Society).

I have gone through their requirements, but I could not find anything about the following questions (or certain things about them were not clear).

Can someone please advise:

  1. Certified documents: is it acceptable for a solicitor to certify all copies?

  2. How do you prove your work experience if you worked as a freelancer? I can see they are asking for reference letters on company letterhead stating I worked for them as a freelancer. Is there anything else I can provide to support this further, and are there any complications with this? Most of the people I worked for are not registered as companies or are no longer active (or were freelancers themselves).

  3. Do you have to submit the original Passport and hard copies as well?

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I've just been assessed by ACS so I can help with 2 out of three.

1. A solicitor certified photocopies of my documents and that was fine.

3. A certified copy of the identity page of the passport was required.

As for point 2 that is difficult. I'm a permanent employee and always have been and I struggled to get the references. A minimal reference is not acceptable. I was advised it must have

  • Dates of employment
  • A description of duties that match to the employment category you are going for
  • And be on headed notepaper—ACS are fussy about that

There are alternatives—getting someone who you worked with to vouch for you—but I don't know any more details.

Good luck


For self employment you need:

  • One self statutory declaration stating your dates, projects, clients, and most importantly the skills you utilised on those projects.
  • One skills reference per client stating the dates, your roles and skills.
  • A reference letter from your accountant stating the nature of
  • Any additional document you think will help prove your self employed status- business registration documents, tax documents, company account statement, purchase orders/ invoices.

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