I have been issued 2 years Tier 2 (formerly work permit) visa and I will need to extend my visa next year. Now, if I apply for maximum possible extension, it will take my total Tier 2 stay beyond 3 years 1 month therefore I need to apply under experienced rate salary (according to Immigration Rules Appendix J => Appropriate salary rates paragraph 14).

My query is can I apply for just one more year under 'new entrant rate' which will make my total stay in Tier 2, current 2 years + 1 year = 3 years?

  • Inquire to see if you can request a Tier 2 visa for a specific period of time. Some visas have locked times or situational rules in place, but many are flexible. I'm just not sure how flexible a Tier 2 visa is in this regards. – ouflak Jul 11 '16 at 10:23

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