I am currently living in the UK and have savings in GBP, but am just about to move to Europe (Germany). Which companies offer multi-currency (EUR/GBP, other) accounts for people who aren't millionaires?


  • Modern iOS app and web site, with English translation
  • Call centre I can speak to in English
  • Low monthly fees (or better free, if I pay my salary into at least one of the accounts)
  • Standing orders/giro payments routable in and out via IBAN/BIC and Sort Code/Account number (i.e., a UK service provider shouldn't know or care it's an "overseas" account)
  • Reasonable spread/fees when transferring between accounts

HSBC is always an option. We use them for our UK-based business account. We opened the account while I still had a UK-based personal account, and there were no issues.

For international transfers, we use Global Webpay (http://www.globalwebpay.com/) - less than five q to move any amount of money.

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  • HSBC is never an option. They are awful on every level. Their website hasn't been updated for twenty years and their app is perversely bad. I refuse to deal with them. – Robert Atkins Jul 13 '16 at 1:13
  • Also, if you have an HSBC account in one country, they can never help you open a HSBC account in another. I tried it when going US -> UK, and eventually gave up using HSBC entirely for the above reasons... – la femme cosmique Jul 13 '16 at 14:10

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