From the links:

http://www.bluecard-eu.de/eu-blue-card-germany/, and https://www.apply.eu/BlueCard/Luxembourg/

it appears that in Luxembourg and Germany, there's a category of 'shortage jobs' that goes in favor of non-EU people to have not so high salary in order to obtain EU Blue Card. That is, they could earn less than the minimum salary requirement for a Blue Card, and can still apply for and get one. However, I don't see the same in the corresponding links for France, Belgium or Switzerland (which doesn't issue a Blue Card but does give selected permanent residence and work permit etc.)

My question is: even if it's not mentioned, is there a category of 'shortage jobs' for France, Belgium and Switzerland that'd go in favor of non-EU people applying for positions in those 'shortage areas'?

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    It's hard to prove a negative but, in the case of France, I can't find any reference to an exception in the relevant official sites (including service-public.fr, which is usually comprehensive and up-to-date) so the answer appear to be "no". – Gala Aug 7 '16 at 22:16
  • @Gala Thanks for the comment and the reference! Yes, I see that it's pretty rigid in the case of France. – Mathmath Aug 8 '16 at 1:37