I've got a job offer from Japan, I'll be relocating with family, 2 adults, 3 kids.

  1. As a visa requirement, I have to mention entry and departure dates on the visa form. What do I put in the case of a work visa (stay for more than 1 year)?

  2. For the visa application, does booking of ticket (not buying) will be ok, or do I need to buy for all 5 family members? Surely I'll be buying them, but after we get the visa.

  3. Can I buy one-way tickets or do I need to buy return tickets? I want to save money here.


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Talk to your employer. Have they gotten a certificate of eligibility for you yet?

Here's what the Japanese Embassy in the UK states are required to apply for a work visa:

Once a Certificate of Eligibility has been obtained, the applicant should bring in:
1. Valid passport
2. One visa application form (sample), completed and signed
3. One passport-sized photograph approx. 45mm x 45mm (taken within the last 6 months)
4. Original Certificate of Eligibility
5. One photocopy of Certificate of Eligibility

Your local embassy may have different requirements.

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    I've called the Embassy of Japan in Islamabad, Pakistan, and got answers in case of work visa as: 1 - Leave blank the date of entry and departure and write "not determined" in intended period of stay. 2 - There is no need to buy or book ticket before processing of Visa 3 - After Visa stamp buy one way ticket for all family members. 4 - Leave airport of entry and airline as blank
    – emkays
    Commented Aug 15, 2016 at 11:15

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