I've been living in Amsterdam for several months and have postponed clothes shopping for a while. Now I need to get some... so, I know there's the area famous for department stores and large brand stores, around Dam square - but I'm not in the market for something expensive and from some fancy brand. I have passed a couple of smaller stores a few times cycling around, but I haven't gone into any.

So, in which kinds of stores / which areas of the city would I look for reasonable-quality but not high-end/famous-brand men's wear (shirts and pants mostly)?

Note: I'm from Israel/Palestine, I don't dress traditionally or 'up-dress' (e.g. a proper suite would be too fancy for me) , I guess you could say that dress-wise you couldn't tell me apart from a nondescript local on the street.

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    The main European “fast fashion”/entry level prêt-à-porter brands (H&M, Zara, C&A…) have a presence in the Netherlands along with some lesser known brands (Peek & Cloppenburg, WE, Charles Vögele…). Primark and Zeeman are probably the cheapest. Is that what you are looking for? You can find a few of these along the Nieuwendijk, the pedestrian street parallel to the Damrak. Beyond that, there is also a kind of fashion/clothing shopping area around the Pieter Cornelisz. Hoofstraat but it's more higher-end shops, not really cheaper than De Bijenkorf. – Gala Sep 3 '16 at 9:45
  • Otherwise, if you want something specifically geared towards men, with mostly business casual wear, there is a Dutch brand called Suitable that might be a good option. It's not super-super-cheap but they have an outlet in the Hague where you can get large discounts if you buy several items of the same kind during the sales period. There are a few other options for more formal business wear as well. – Gala Sep 3 '16 at 9:52
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    @Gala; why not combine your comments into an answer? – Giorgio Sep 5 '16 at 13:39

I would recommend checking out Esprit. They are of reasonable quality, have a great online store, and have physical shops in major Dutch cities.

Otherwise H&M or Zara are staples of budget European clothing and are worth checking out.


There are too many shops and clothing styles, and too little information about your taste (let alone things like skin tone and hair color), to make specific recommendations.

The best you can do is take your bike to an area with shops, park it, and visit the stores. Just by looking in the shop window or glimpsing inside you'll get a basic idea of the kind of clothes they sell. When in doubt, go inside, look around and ask (otherwise you may too quickly discard them).

Put on the kind of clothes you like to wear so that you can quickly explain your style(s) to a shop assistant. Everybody speaks English in Amsterdam.

There is one more option which can speed up this process enormously, but will cost you (several 100 Euros is my estimate): find an image consultant in Amsterdam and let them take you to the stores they think suit you best*. You will have to ask them specifically if they have knowledge of the types of men's clothes the different shops sell - essentially the same question you are asking here, but a professional can answer that better then us general website lurkers ;-)
An image consultant will also have a better eye for suitable colors and good fits (than you or several shop assistants).

Bottom line: Ask. That is faster then figuring it all out yourself.
(You started great by asking here).

* You would need an 'intake' with them first, so that they can prepare where to go.

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