I am planning to apply for Australian PR and the 1st step I got to do is "ACS Skill Assessment" by uploading my PASSPORT, DEGREE CERTIFICATE and WORK EXPERIENCE LETTER. My question is regarding Work Experience Letter.

Total Experience : 6.8 years

Experience in Current company : Past 2.8 years

Experience in 1st company : 4 years

I just have my Experience Letter for my 1st Company which doesn't specify my roles and responsibilities.

Q1 : Should it be a problem? If so, then what needs to be done? I cant get it anyway.

Q2 : If I submitted all the docs, and further clarification or any docs needed from me, whether ACS will intimate me to get it?

Expecting a reply.

  • Is only reference letter will be sufficient..i dont have salary slip or bank statements to show...will that be enough?
    – jayesh
    Jan 13, 2017 at 15:21

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It is a problem...

When providing references you need to follow specific standard of letter, below are 2 examples one that got rejected other accepted...

Successful: enter image description here

Failed: enter image description here

And when you fail you get following...

enter image description here

I suggest you make forms for each company that look like former example, then get originals to Australian embassy for notarisation (17GBP per page) and you should be solid...

  • 1
    Isn't it forbidden to directly copy/paste? In the guide it says: "Generic job descriptions are not acceptable and will be assessed as not suitable. References with duties copy and pasted directly from ANZSCO will not be accepted. "
    – Yurets
    Feb 7, 2019 at 14:50

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