I am applying for a Work permit for the IEC to go to Canada, I do not fall under any of the jobs on the list that require a medical but I am going for over 6 months, do I need a medical? I have lived in the UK all my life.


No, you don't, according to the Government of Canada Medical exam requirements for temporary residents (visitors, students and workers) (emphasis mine):

If you plan to visit for more than six months:
You will need a medical exam if you have lived temporarily for six or more consecutive months

  • in one or more of these countries or territories
  • in the one year immediately before the date you want to enter Canada. (This applies even if you are a citizen of a country that does not need a visa to enter Canada.)

It is a bit of an awkward construct which takes more than one read. More directly:

  1. You will need a medical exam if you have lived in one of these countries.


  1. During the year before you enter Canada, you will stay in one of those countries without leaving for at least six months (or more).

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