I'm currently on a UK Tier 2 General visa, which expires in March 2017. I would expect to continue in my current role with my existing lawyer, at the same level i.e. without a change of the assigned SOC code on my existing Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS).

I was looking ahead on the eligibility criteria for Tier 2 which states:

You must also have £945 in savings - this is to prove you can support yourself. You must have had this in your bank account for 90 days before you apply, unless you’re exempt.

Looking at the complete Tier 2 Policy Guidance document, under Part 7: Points available for Maintenance (Funds) (on page 40):

You will be awarded 10 points if: you currently have entry clearance, leave to enter, or leave to remain as a Tier 2 skilled worker; work permit holder; Jewish Agency Employee; Member of the Operational Ground Staff of an Overseas-owned Airline; Minister of Religion; Missionary; Member of a Religious Order; or Representative of an Overseas Newspaper, News Agency or Broadcasting Organisation; or

Am I correct to interpret that "Tier 2 skilled worker" above means in my situation, I'm exempt from demonstrating maintenance of funds through cash in my bank account? (Asking because I mostly move all of my spare cash into Stocks and Shares ISAs rather than my current account.)


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