I am from family of 4 (two adults, two children (5 and 7)). I was looking into Australian work visas and was wondering how many persons to I need to pay for when applying for (190) visa... I would be the only person who works from my family...

In visa fee calculator here (screenshot below) one can select applicants over and under 18, which seem to imply that if I want to bring my family over to Australia I will have to pay ~1,800.00 AUD for adult and ~900.00 AUD for child.

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Who are 'additional applicants' when applying for Australian work visa?

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You have it correctly. After a bit of searching I found the Examples visa pricing charges page.

There are two examples and both detail that partners/spouses and children are considered additional applicants. It also points out that there's a surcharge if you pay by credit card (currently 0.98% VISA/Mastercard, 1.5% American Express, and 2.0% Diners Club International).

Here's an excerpt from the main applicant with spouse and children example.

  1. Paul applies for an Independent ELICOS Sector (subclass 570) visa in his home country, by lodging a paper application.
  2. When he applies, he includes his 30-year old wife and 2-year old child as additional visa applicants.
  3. Paul must pay the base application charge for this visa as the main applicant, the additional applicant charge for his wife (additional applicant 18 years or over) and the additional applicant charge for his child (additional applicant under 18 years old) as additional applicants.

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