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US driving license when living overseas [duplicate]

I have been living overseas for a few years. How do I keep my US driver's license without a US address since I won't be able to prove residency in any state?
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Renew NY drivers license from abroad [duplicate]

I am an expat living in Madrid, My legal residence is in Spain can I renew my NYS drivers license or do I have to be a legal residence of NY to renew my drivers license?
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Renewal of Nevada drivers license while living in China [duplicate]

I want to return to America for a visit every other year, as I am now living in China. I need to be able to drive while in the US. I cannot get a Chinese drivers license, because I am too old. I'm 74, ...
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renewing drivers license living abroad [duplicate]

I currently live in Austria. I would like to keep my US drivers license. I don't mind going to the US to renew but I want to make sure I can renew them before I take this trip just to find out that I ...
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Texas Drivers license, no residence in Texas [duplicate]

I lived in Texas and moved to Germany. I am tired of using the addresses of various friends (who keep moving) for my license. Is there a way to have a Texas drivers license while living abroad with no ...
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Driver's license stolen... from a state I no longer have any connection to... how do I get a replacement? [duplicate]

I am originally from Massachusetts but moved to Dallas, Texas for work several years ago. At that time, I switched my MA license to a TX license. Since then, I have moved to Asia. Two weeks ago, while ...
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How do I renew a USA drivers license if I am as US citizen living abroad with no state address (last address Texas)

I have looked at the government websites ( and seen the requirements but as a US citizen who has passed their drivers test, why is there no standard US ...
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Can you renew an Illinois driving license when you stay outside of US?

Can you renew an Illinois driving license when you stay outside of US ? I have a local Illinois mailing address and own a house which is rented out. I can come back and renew but not sure if I can/...
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Driver's License Renewal

My Georgia Driver's License has expired, and Georgia regulations specify I need to take a vision test if I am 64 or older, which I am. I fly in to California on the 14th of June 2016 and I plan on ...
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Virginia Drivers License suspended while living abroad

I have been living and working in Mexico for three years. I was notified by the Virginia DMV that my drivers license (valid until January 2018) would be suspended because they believe I no longer live ...
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Changing States to renew driving licence while living abroad

I currently have a New York drivers license and have been living in the UK for 3 years and have to renew it. Unfortunately my permanent address is currently in California, so I am unable to renew the ...
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