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Blue Card vs Work Permit for IT Specialists

I see here lots of questions regarding the Blue Card for Europe and Germany. I have been researching a lot about the blue card and work permit for the purpose of employment in Germany and so far, I ...
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Do I need a degree in IT to apply for an EU Blue Card as a software engineer or is any degree enough?

I am software engineer with 5 years of experience in Russia, have a Degree in Civil Engineering and want try to apply to the Blue Card program (country I am most interested is Germany). I have read ...
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What's my degree worth in Germany?

I'm looking to apply for a YMA and hopefully work in my field in Germany. I have a Canadian Bachelor's in Software Engineering and I'm trying to find out what the specifics are for that field in ...
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Eligible for German Blue Card with a non-Anabin-listed degree and a H+/- university?

I'm in the process of applying for a German 3 months work permit in order to be able to apply for a Blue Card. One of the requirements, as the embassy states, is that the university degree should be ...
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Apply for blue card in Germany with a non-related university degree

I recently moved to Germany (Aschaffenburg) with a family reunion visa (My wife is a software developer who lives and works in Aschaffenburg). I found a job in Frankfurt two weeks ago as a software ...
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With Bachelor of Engineering Degree from India, Can I apply for Blue Card Visa in Germany?

I have been recently offered a job in Berlin and am looking for starting my Visa process. I have Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science from India(VTU University). I am not sure what ...
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Eligible for German work visa with "conditionally comparable" degree?

I have been offered the role of “Software developer” but my degree currently is a Bachelor of Arts (Major in Psychology, Journalism and English). As far as the officials told me, I will only need a ...
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Associate degree for EU Blue card in Germany

I have received a job offer in Germany, I from Brazil, but I live now in Czech Republic, I have a working Visa here. I would like to know if my diploma affects my application, since it is a 2 and ...
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Do I need ANABIN certificate to apply for work visa to Germany? [duplicate]

I have got a job offer in Germany and I need to apply for a work visa/EU blue card. I have 4.5 years of experience in software development. I have completed my engineering from a well recognized ...
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Do I need a recognized university degree to get a visa to work as developer in Germany?

I work as a developer in the Middle East (Lebanon). Lately, I got a job offer and a contract from a great company in Germany, but I found that my university degree is not recognized (actually its H+/-,...
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Can I use my Bachelor's Degree as qualification to find a job in Germany, even if I do a Master's Degree there in another field?

This seems to be slightly confusing to me, because the regulations state that the job that a foreign student graduated from a Germany university can take "should be related to his/her field of study" ...
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Is a graduate degree required to get a blue card in Germany?

I know this has been asked before, but I'd like to know if anything has changed since. Is it still required to have a graduate degree to get a German Blue Card? I'm from India, I'm sure that's ...
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Education and work experience sync for Germany job seeker visa

I'm exploring options to apply for German job seeker visa and stuck with below question. I've a graduate degree of Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication stream. Currently, I'm ...
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Am I eligible for an EU Blue Card as a Network Engineer? [duplicate]

Please I Have an offer with an annual salary of 50.000 Euro in IT field ( as Network Engineer ) with more than 3 years of experience also I have the approval from the the Federal Employment Agency , ...
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Non-regulated job in Germany - Regular Work Permit for IT Specialists

In my ZAB certificate, it was mentioned that my foreign degree was not equivalent to a German bachelor's degree ruling me out from getting a Blue card. It was also mentioned that my foreign degree ...
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