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Changing employer with a Blue Card during Corona crisis, with a lower salary

I have a question and I hope some of you may have some advice. I arrived in Berlin 3 months ago (in February 2020) as a non-EU citizen, and I am a Blue Card holder. I've done the Anmeldung, didn't get ...
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Bluecard vs Long-Term Visa [duplicate]

I currently work in the IT field (as an Security Analyst) and I am in the works of moving to Germany. I've got a job offer from my employer but unsure whether I qualify for an EU Bluecard. All the ...
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Do I meet the requirements of German work visa and how exactly should I apply?

I'm from Azerbaijan and I've got a software development job offer from Berlin paying 60k+. Thing is I don't have a degree. I've got around 6 years of relevant professional experience (I can show past ...
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Germany Work Permit and German Master Degree Question

I had a BBA degree and one year experience working as the data analytics back in my home country, however, recently I just attend the MBA degree in Germany. I will look for Data (IT-oriented) job ...
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Work visa requirements for Germany

I am in this situation: A IT company is interested to sponsor me work visa in Germany I am also interested to go there ( of course ) I do not have bachelors degree I have 6 month intern + 6 month ...
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Work permit eligibility in Germany without degree but with more than 8 years of experience in Information Systems Engineering and Cybersecurity?

I've been contacted by an organization for a senior role in cybersecurity domain, and the problem is I don't have any college degree, just an Associate Degree which is not recognized as a college ...
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