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Questions tagged [accommodation]

Questions regarding living quarters, their types, locations, and conditions.

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How to rent an appartment in Germany as a fresh settler?

When I've arrived to Germany, the first thing I've need to do was to search for an appartment. What striked me, was hard for me to comprehend 'excentrity' of the landlords who required job contract (...
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Starting point to find a job and place to live in Sweden while being abroad?

A good friend of mine, who lives in Switzerland, wants to leave her country and move to Sweden. The reasons for this are neither being job related, nor rooted in having a community or friends there ...
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Finding an expat relative/friendly forum for the UK

As far as I can understand, this stack is about posting questions relevant to bureaucracy issues and other technicalities. I am looking for other types of advice though. To be exact, I am looking to ...
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Moving to Russia from Germany

I (German citizen) have been accepted to a university in St Petersburg and would like to rent an apartment with my girlfriend (Russian citizen). How does this work roughly? What paperwork will be ...
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How to find a room in Lille under these conditions?

I am a student who will move to Lille, France from a 3rd world country. I have checked the websites mentioned by the university, websites mentioned by the Campus France, websites on the guide given to ...
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Looking for a room in US

I'll be moving from Poland to California for 5 months internship. I was looking for rooms or flats in the area on facebook and craiglist. What I found a little strange is that literally nobody agreed ...
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For Malta, are there websites, to help find a partner to rent an apartment with

I am an expat living in Malta. I would like to rent an apartment. Apartments in Malta are expensive. I would like to find someone to share an apartment with. Someone like me, who is fairly new in ...
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