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Living in Argentina as an expatriate

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Can naturalized Argentina citizens renounce their citizenship?

Argentinians born in Argentina cannot renounce their citizenship Is it the same for naturalized ones?
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Can I bring a cat with FIV into Argentina?

I am planning to move to Argentina (from the United States) in the next year. There is a cat I am considering adopting that is FIV positive. While doing some research to see if her condition would ...
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As Tunisian, having Argentinean passport would it allow for more jobs abroad

I've a Tunisian passport and was seeking to travel with my wife to Argentina to have our child born there so that we could get Argentinian passport. I know that this passport offer much more mobility ...
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Country-hopping to stay longer in EU?

Me and my girlfriend have a situation and we’re not sure how to find the answers... She’s from Argentina and I am Swedish. We’re talking about marrying but we want to wait a little bit longer, so we ...
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I am living in Kyrgyzstan and plan to work in Argentina

I am Kyrgyz citizen and am planning to move to Argentina on a tourist visa first, then if I get a job get a work visa. From reading online and talking to a different people there, I understand that ...
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Steuererklärung from Argentina. German Taxes [closed]

I want to do my german Steuererklärung from Argentina. I was living in Germany until September last year. First I had to give the addresse of a friend in Germany, because they have to send me a ...
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My foreign bank is requesting I fill out a W-9

I am a U.S citizen who has been living in Argentina for the last 3 years. I am a legal permanent resident here and I work for an Argentine company, get paid in Argentine pesos and pay Argentine taxes. ...
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2 answers

Work permit for Argentina

I'm living in the UK and plan to move to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm self-employed/freelancer working for remote clients. Question: what are the requirements for me to get a work permit/visa so I ...
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Better to be honest about visa run when crossing border? (Chile-Argentina) [closed]

Some details/set-up: This past weekend I did a visa run from Chile to Argentina (a weekend in Mendoza) and back. I've done that bus route twice now, as well as flight to Lima and back (as well as ...
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W9 Form is required by my bank. Do I have to report to the IRS income that is my Argentine wife's?

Regarding the Form W9 that my Argentine Bank is requiring: My wife (Argentine) is the main person on the checking account. I am just a secondary person on this account. She receives monthly ...
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Bringing pets to Germany

We live in Misiones, Argentina and have 2 cats. Sooner or later we will go back to Germany (we are Germans) and want to bring our cats. What do we need to bring our cats with us to Germany in the ...
7 votes
2 answers

Get the Argentinian resident permit

I'm from Germany but I have lived in Argentina for a year. I currently use a tourist visa for that, leaving and returning to Argentina every 3 months and don't work here. I don't want to work here. I ...