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Questions about activities, events and challenges close to the time at which you arrive in the country in which you will be expatriated.

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Date of arrival for visa

DO I NEED TO CHANGE MY ARRIVAL FLIGHT DATE??? I will be a student in Italy this October. I live in the USA. My program runs from October 24, 2022 to October 20, 2023. I have a flight to arrive in ...
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Is “Wohnen auf Zeit” easier to organise from abroad than normal rental, or do landlords still insist on Schufa, work contract, and meeting the tenant? [closed]

Challenges renting a regular home from abroad There are some practical challenging facing new immigrants seeking accommodation in Germany. Some of those apply generally, some are more strongly or ...
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1 answer

Sequence of SSN, rental, bank account, etc, in USA to satisfy dependencies

I will soon be moving to the US on an H-1B visa. On arrival, among other things, I will need to apply for a SSN, open a bank account, and rent somewhere to live. What is the sequence in which these ...
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7 answers

Bringing or shipping all my stuff

When one wants to move across the Atlantic, from France to the US, what is authorized and what are the options to bring in a lot of stuff? I am not talking about furniture but about large suitcases. ...
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Moving to Germany to take up two jobs, but will need two homes. I've heard the costs for the second home may be tax-deductible. Under what conditions?

Consider the situation in Can I register a Nebenwohnung before I have a Hauptwohnung?: Suppose that married persons X and Y are moving to Germany. They will share a Hauptwohnung (primary residence) ...
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2 answers

How can I get a Steuer-Identifikationsnummer (tax ID no.) a month before my date of employment, without physically moving a month before?

I am a Dutch citizen moving from the United Kingdom to Germany. I have received a conditional employment offer. My next employer has asked me to submit my Lohnsteuerklasse und Steuer-...
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0 answers

Will failure to deregister from Germany cause problems registering 11 years later?

I am a Dutch citizen and I was living in Germany for 6 months 2007–2008 for the purpose of studying. I'm quite sure that I registered as living there at the time, for I had a bank account and I voted ...
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Can I open a bank account in the Netherlands using my workplace address?

I will start working in Rotterdam next month, but I will temporarily stay at an Airbnb room (for the first 3 weeks) while I search for an apartment. However, I need to open a bank account but I will ...
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4 answers

Options to bring money when arriving in a new country

When one settles in a new country for a new job/life, what are the possible methods to bring in enough money to start, and what is their relative cost? I think the same kind of problems appears no ...