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Questions regarding emigrating from, immigrating to and living in the Commonwealth of Australia

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Do I need a degree in field I am working in (IT) to apply for Australia Skilled visa as a software engineer or any degree is enough?

I have a degree in Civil Engineering and want to apply to the Australia Skilled visa, I didn't know what exactly type of visa will be better for me but looks like Australia Skilled Independent visa: ...
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If you have dual South African and New Zealand citizenship, are you able to get an Australian one as well?

Or will you be required to give up one of the other two citizenships before you are able to gain it?
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Australian visa issues regarding a previous EEA permit refusal?

I'm a student who has completed my bachelors at an Australian affiliated university in Sri Lanka. I'm working in my family business. I tried to go through an agent to apply for my masters and to ...
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Under which clause can I get back Australian Visa application fee if SkillSelect or ASC calculated my points wrong?

I have applied for Australian visa 189 first assessing agency is ACS (Australian Computer Society) which assessed me as suitable for migration Then I have submitted all the paperwork (IELTS, ACS ...
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Engineering Australia Assesment - Required Work Experience

In their website Section 3.B. it is mentioned: for those who have at least 1 year Australian work experience, and / or at least 3 years Overseas work experience in their nominated occupation or a ...
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Need clarification on Australia's Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482)

I want to check whether I am eligible for this visa or not. First of all, I am 28.5 years old, I hold an Associate's degree in my relevant field (Computer Programming) and I have +6 years of relevant ...
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Which Australian visa for a visiting PhD student? (more than 3 months)

I'm an Italian citizen enrolled in a PhD programme at an Italian university, and I have to travel to Australia for a 6 months period, approximately planned from October 2017 to March 2018, to the ...
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How to get a job in Australia before I go there?

I have been granted permanent residency in Australia (i.e. I can live and work there). I intend to relocate from Ireland in October. Ideally I could have a job line up before I go, as it's a high-risk ...
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Am I eligible to migrate as skilled worker?

I am 28 years old, Brazilian and I graduated last year (February 2013, to be more exactly) as a Bachelor in Computer Science. I'm reading about the migration process and I want to migrate to Australia ...
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Experience Reference Letter for ACS Skill Assessment (for 189 type Visa)

I am planning to apply for Australian PR and the 1st step I got to do is "ACS Skill Assessment" by uploading my PASSPORT, DEGREE CERTIFICATE and WORK EXPERIENCE LETTER. My question is regarding Work ...
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Does my Masters Conversion course count towards the Australian ACS requirements?

Edit: they did accept this degree as equivalent to an Australian Masters. I am considering applying for an Australian skilled immigration Visa as a software engineer. I have a BA in History and an ...
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2 answers

When is the starting date of a Recognised Graduate visa in Australia?

I am going to lodge a temporary visa named Recognised Graduate visa. My question is what is the starting date of its 18 months period, arrival date or grant date? When I reseive the visa, how much ...
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Does ACS recognize student employment?

I'm planning to apply for either the Subclass 187 (Regional Sponsored) or the subclass 190 (Skilled Nominated) Visa some time in the near future. My nominated skilled occupation would be 'Software and ...
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What Visa do I need to complete an unpaid internship in New York

I am struggling to work out the appropriate visa to apply for. My situation is as follows: I am currently completing my Masters of Social work in Australia as a full time student. A compulsory part ...
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