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Maternity and child benefits for baby born outside Ireland

We are an Indian couple living in Ireland for more than 4 years and expecting our first baby on August’23. We are planning to have the baby's delivery in India and come back to Ireland after some time....
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Family and CAF allowances in Lyon as a post-doctoral fellow

I am going to Lyon in September with my (dependent) wife. I will join as a post-doctoral fellow in ENS-Lyon with salary more than 2000 Euro. I have chosen an accommodation that is eligible to receive ...
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What are the benefits of US citizenship for someone living elsewhere?

If I have 3 passports (one from the US where I was born, one from the country where my family is from, and one from the country I currently live in). One of these non-US passports is that of an EU ...
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Blue-sky contract negotiations with a small US startup - what to put in there?

I'm an Israeli expat researcher in the Netherlands, and I'm about to get an offer from a tech company based in Texas. The offer will initially be to work remotely, and at some point (probably when/if ...
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Can a person get Social Security benefits who worked in the USA for 14 years but is an Indian citizen and reside in India?

This query is about a person who worked in the United States for about 14 years (legally) and contributed to Social Security during that time. He held a Green Card, which expired after he moved to ...
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Can a K-1/Pending LPR receive discounted (copay) healthcare? (USA)

Context I received a K-1 visa (passing a medical assessment), have entered the USA, and have married. We have sent in the documents to apply for Lawful Permanent Resident status. We are both currently ...
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Maternity in Sweden, on short notice

I have a postdoc position in Sweden starting January next year, and signed the contract already. My fiance and I (we're both German nationals) planned to move to Sweden, me in January, she by the end ...
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Spouse without marriage in Denmark

I am an EU citizen working in Denmark and my boyfriend is also an EU citizen, studying (not working) in Denmark. We are not married, but live together. I recently came across this article and I am ...
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i-864 Affidavit of Support and Welfare Reform Act section 403(c)

I singed Affidavit of Support for my in-law few years back. We were not planning to apply for any government assistance and were paying medical insurance for the in-law out of pocket. And then ...
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Is pensioner immigrant from EEA eligible for Housing Benefit in the UK?

If someone gets state pension from an EEA country (Hungary) and they move to the UK (Glasgow, Scotland), are they eligible for Housing Benefit? My mother is considering moving here, but I haven't ...
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Does a family from the EU get the status of Familia Numerosa in Spain, if they live in Spain but are not Spanish citizens?

Is it possible to achieve the status of Familia Numerosa in Spain, if you are a family from the EU (but not Spanish) and live in Spain? And if not: Is it enough, if only one parent is Spanish citizen?...
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Do EU citizens get Kindergeld (child benefit) if they live in Germany with their children?

Do citizens of the EU have the right to get Kindergeld (child benefit) for their children, if they (all the family) live in Germany? Or is Kindergeld only paid to German children or German parents? ...
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Are there any benefits for a disabled individual living in California? (green card holder)

In the country I'm coming from there are many benefits given to disabled people (depends on the severity), such as not paying income tax, monthly assistance in the form of a stipend, free public ...
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Why do some foreigners in UK get child benefit while some others do not?

My colleague and I are both foreign nationals, but we come from different countries. I recently moved to the UK, while he has been in the UK for a number of years. Both of us have children and both of ...
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Do I sacrifice benefits if leave the country when on maternity/paternity leave?

My wife (Polish citizen) and I (German citizen) are in family planning now. We are both employed in Germany. We would like to spend a year or two living and working in India, and we thought that it ...
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