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Maternity in Sweden, on short notice

I have a postdoc position in Sweden starting January next year, and signed the contract already. My fiance and I (we're both German nationals) planned to move to Sweden, me in January, she by the end ...
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What are the benefits of US citizenship for someone living elsewhere?

If I have 3 passports (one from the US where I was born, one from the country where my family is from, and one from the country I currently live in). One of these non-US passports is that of an EU ...
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Family and CAF allowances in Lyon as a post-doctoral fellow

I am going to Lyon in September with my (dependent) wife. I will join as a post-doctoral fellow in ENS-Lyon with salary more than 2000 Euro. I have chosen an accommodation that is eligible to receive ...
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Blue-sky contract negotiations with a small US startup - what to put in there?

I'm an Israeli expat researcher in the Netherlands, and I'm about to get an offer from a tech company based in Texas. The offer will initially be to work remotely, and at some point (probably when/if ...
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