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Living in Bulgaria as an expatriate

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If I have a residence permit to stay in Spain as a US citizen, can I stay in Bulgaria past my 90/180 visa free stay for US passport holders?

US citizen here. My answer to my own question leads towards "no". No harm in asking. I have means to obtain a residence permit in Spain. Can I then overstay the 90/180-day visa-free stay my ...
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Is an "International Driving Permit" from the AAA in United States valid in Bulgaria?

Has anybody used an International Driving Permit (IDP) issued by the AAA in the US for car rental in Bulgaria?
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I have permanent residence in Bulgaria. Can I live in another EU country?

Can I live in Finland or Sweden if I have permanent residence in another EU country? If I can, Can I get citizenship after 5 years of immigration? I would like to live in Sweden or Finland using the ...
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What are the rights of single permit holders for non-eu citizens

I've been working for a company in Bulgaria and coming from a non-EU member country. As you can guess, my company provided sponsorship for the Single Permit (resident and work). The question is: If ...
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Getting Bulgarian Tourist Visa to apply for 'Citizenship by Investment'

I hold an Iranian passport. I live in Turkey on a one-year tourist visa. Besides, I have a minimum money to buy Bulgarian government bonds to get permanent residency leading to the citizenship (which ...
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Can I stay in Bulgaria after divorce with a change in my residence status?

I am from Morocco, and I married a Bulgarian woman in 2014. After I joined her in Bulgaria, I got a 1-year family residence permit, which I then renewed for another year. It will expire in June. My ...
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Bulgarian permanent residence and citizenship

I married a Bulgarian girl, and I will apply for visa D and apply for family residence there. Can i know exactly how many years I need to get permanent residence and citizenship? I searched a lot but ...
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Am I allowed to marry while travelling to Bulgaria on a tourist visa

I am a citizen of Egypt. Would I be allowed to get married in Bulgaria while visiting Bulgaria on a tourist visa? If it matters, my fiancée is Bulgarian. what will be easier to marry her in Egypt or ...
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Apply for Bulgarian residence permit after marrying a Bulgarian woman? [closed]

I have a Bulgarian girlfriend and we are going to marry but am now in Egypt. What's the best solution to go to Bulgaria and marry her or she come to Egypt and then apply for D visa and then travel to ...
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Bulgarian residency

I am an Egyptian currently in Bulgaria with a "cultural exchange" visa. I want to marry my Bulgarian girlfriend. I don't know where should I go or what will be the procedures? Should we marry here or ...
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Can I renew my Bulgarian driving license if I'm living in Germany?

I'm Bulgarian citizen living in Germany and I have a Bulgarian driving license expiring in 2 years. Can I renew it or I have to exchange it for a German one? I know that I can get a German driving ...
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