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For questions pertaining to citizens of the country of Bulgaria.

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What is the best route for a dual EU/UK national to work remotely in Spain?

I am national of the UK and Bulgaria. I currently hold a British passport and live in the UK (since 2004). I do not have a Bulgarian ID or passport, but I believe that I can acquire those relatively ...
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US Visa for Bulgarian citizens (EU, but not Schengen) [closed]

I was wondering how much time it will take me to get a US visa for work for Bulgarian citizen provided that I will be having my UK bachelors completed at the time of employment (Summer '18) and a pre-...
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Bulgarian permanent residence and citizenship

I married a Bulgarian girl, and I will apply for visa D and apply for family residence there. Can i know exactly how many years I need to get permanent residence and citizenship? I searched a lot but ...
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Am I allowed to marry while travelling to Bulgaria on a tourist visa

I am a citizen of Egypt. Would I be allowed to get married in Bulgaria while visiting Bulgaria on a tourist visa? If it matters, my fiancée is Bulgarian. what will be easier to marry her in Egypt or ...
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Drop Bulgarian Nationality?

My son was born in Netherlands outside of marriage or registered partnership. Father (Bulgarian) has disappeared with no contact. Is there a possibility to remove the Bulgarian nationality & ...
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Are 2 passports valid when one is British and the other applied for in Bulgaria

My daughter who is 4 was born in the UK and holds a British Passport. Her mother who is Bulgarian wants her to have a passport from Bulgaria. Question is will she be able to retain the British ...
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Can I renew my Bulgarian driving license if I'm living in Germany?

I'm Bulgarian citizen living in Germany and I have a Bulgarian driving license expiring in 2 years. Can I renew it or I have to exchange it for a German one? I know that I can get a German driving ...
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