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Which municipality/district near Berlin has a shorter Naturalization duration

Between Oberhavel, Havelland, and Postdam, or other municipalities around Berlin, which one has a shorter Einburgerung process according to your information. The reason I ask: I have recently made a ...
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Swedish cultural dynamic of regulation

I was just curious if there is any additional confirmation out there, of a sense of a widespread cultural dynamic in a ton of Swedish organizations, like banks, government offices, even student ...
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What are the consequences if you do Abmeldung 2 weeks before?

I am moving out of Germany. I understand that "Deregistration shall be possible no more than one week before moving out". I want to do Abmeldung / Deregistration 2 weeks before actual move ...
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Is a renter of a room in France required by law to provide a proof of residence?

In France every resident is required to possess a proof of residence, which must be a utility bill, and a declaration by the landlord if the bill is not in the person's name. French landlords often ...
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EU citizens in Germany: is any registration required beyond Anmeldung?

I have moved to Germany as an EU (British) citizen, and completed the standard Anmeldung upon arrival. I work remotely for an Italian employer. Are there any further bureaucratic processes to go ...
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Alien registration card in China

I am Indian student planning to visit China for internship purpose. I was applying for Visa through a Visa agent in Chinese embassy in Delhi. I was just told by the agent that the embassy is demanding ...
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How can I find out if I ever filed an I-485 (a step in the green card process)?

I am a Canadian citizen. Years ago, I was working in the US for a large company on an H1B visa, and the company strongly encouraged me to go through the Green Card process. Some steps were completed, ...
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Should I resubmit a notification to the Immigration Bureau of Japan?

A few months ago, I submitted a notification to the Immigration Bureau of Japan regarding my job transfer via their website. However, I think that I might have made a mistake when entering my new ...
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Forgot to notify Immigration Bureau of Japan about job transfer

Today I find out that I'm supposed to notify the Immigration Bureau of Japan within 14 days of my job transfer. I'm about 1 month late now, am I toasted?
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Coping with an emotional shock as a Foreign student in France

I am in my 1st year of a PhD in France. I can barely communicate in French. I had to visit the administrative office where 1 out of 3 knows English (call her E) and the other two speaks only French (...
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Insurance to satisfy visa requirements in South Africa

I am traveling to South Africa in 2015 for one year. I am an EU citizen. I need to get a visa for my contract to be validated. It is now a requirement to get insurance coverage for the period I'm ...
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What do I write for Försäkringskassans "address in Sweden" question after leaving the country, considering I don't have one?

I have recently left Sweden after having lived there as a Dutch national for six years. I informed Swedish Skatteverket, who administrate residencies. Then, Försäkringskassan sent me a form asking ...
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What Dutch government agencies do I inform on my address living abroad, and how?

I'm a Dutch citizen living abroad. When I moved, I informed the municipality where I lived that I was leaving to live abroad. Since then, the only Dutch agency I have ever informed on my whereabouts ...
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