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Exchanging UK driving licence for Irish licence after 16 months of residency?

What happens if you exchange your UK licence for an Irish licence after living in Ireland for 16 months? I understand you need to exchange it within 12 months. I only bought a car 5 months ago. I also ...
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UK car insurance when switching from International driving license to full UK driving license

UPDATE: I called my insurer. they took my UK full driving license details. There is No extra fee charged! At least until February. We'll see what happens in February at the renewal. I've an ...
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Drunk driving in the Netherlands

When I was younger, I lived in the Netherlands and got my driving license there, although I'm originally from the UK and have a British passport. When I was at university and living back in the UK, I ...
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Forgot about an accident when signed up for car insurance

I have moved to France, bought a vehicle and signed up for car insurance. I said that I didn't have any car accidents over the past 2 years, but when I got my letters of experience from my previous ...
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What is the procedure for buying a new car in the US (California)?

I am a new student in the US. I want to buy a car in cash and found one in the Facebook market. But I don't know what are the afterwards steps? 1- Should I give all the money in cash to the seller and ...
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Can I hold a UK and EU driving license so that I can insure a car in the UK after moving to the EU?

I am moving from the UK to the Netherlands and will exchange my UK driving license for a Dutch one while we are still part of the EU. After Brexit, can I still claim entitlement to drive in the UK ...
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Will the transition from a non-exchangeable licence to a full UK one make car insurance premium skyrocket?

In the UK, driving licences initially obtained outside of the EEC and "Designated Countries" are valid only for 12 months after the beginning of residency. They are non-exchangeable [1]. ...
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Insurance Application When Exchanging a Drivers License

I am exchanging one European driving license for another. Its a simple procedure of sending it away and getting a new one from the county where you are now living. No tests or anything required When ...
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Buying a used car from a dealer in the UK [closed]

I am looking into buying a used car from a dealer here in the UK. I read several guides, but I still have some questions to which the answer might be different from my home country: I saw that most ...
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Can we buy a car in the EU as American citizens?

We want to travel Europe for a year or so in a car we buy over there. Can we do that and what about insurance?
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What's the process for purchasing a used car in Austria? [closed]

Can anyone share more information about the process of buying a car privately in Austria? My understanding so far is that I have to: Pay the seller for the vehicle in return for the documentation ...
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Insurance for Mexican-plated vehicle in the US

I'm a visa holder. My plan is to be around 1,000 miles from the border for a period of 12 to 18 months (Currently on month 4). I brought my Mexican-plated vehicle, since I used to live near the border....
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UK Registered car, French insurance

We have recently purchased a new/second-hand Audi from the UK and are in the process of re-registering it in France where we have lived for he past 10 years (My husband is Irish and I am British). We ...
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Can no claims bonus be transferred from UK to Australia?

I have no claims bonus on my car insurance in UK which drops my premium substantially, there is possibility of me ending up in Australia... I am sure I am not first person to move and I was ...
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How much is car tax in France?

I moved to France and brought my car (2009, 5 cv) from other EU country. I pay a lot for my car insurance (about 140 euro per month) so I want to quite that and get a French insurance. But to get a ...
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Do EU driving licence points count in the UK?

I am an EU citized living in the UK. When I lived in my home country, I had a driving conviction which resulted in points, a fine and a withheld licence for 3 months. These fines and penalties were of ...
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Can you buy a car in Spain as a non-resident?

For example, a Turkish citizen buys a Spanish-registered car in Spain, but he is a non-resident of Spain. Is it possible to register the car on the bearer's Turkish passport? Can the Turkish citizen ...
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Liability insurance for frequent car rentals [closed]

I have currently moved to Ohio, US. I was planning to start renting cars month on month since my company would be reimbursing it. But they refused to reimburse for insurance. So I have to pay the CDW ...
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Challenging foreign registered car insurance traffic violation [closed]

Court procedures after driving foreign registered car with valid third party insurance by a UK resident. Hi anybody having experience challenging a traffic violation for the above. We had a valid ...
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What is required to get car insurance in Australia?

I'll be arriving in Australia (Melbourne) on 18 March 2015. I'll need to buy a car very soon after I arrive and I'll need to get car insurance. I have a full Irish driving license and 7 year's ...
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Exchange from EU to UK driving licence: is it worth it? Will that make the insurance cheaper?

I'm an UK resident and thinking about buying car and of course insure it. I have an EU driving licence. In terms of insurance, will that have a negative impact? Should I exchange it for a UK licence?
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California car insurance for rental cars?

California seems to be one of few states (other significant one being Texas), where rental companies are not obliged to provide option of mandatory liability insurance and do not include the basic ...
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3 answers

Can you move your No Claims Bonus between EU countries?

If you have insurance on a car in most of the EU countries your insurance premium is usually reduced for each year where you don't cause an accident. Insurance companies are usually accepting other ...
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What to do after a small car incident in Germany?

I got into a small fender-bender yesterday and did not really know what to do. I want to know the proper actions one should take when dealing with such situations. I'll first describe in short my ...
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How long can I drive with an EU registered/insured car in Brazil?

There is a "ferry" between Antwerp and Rio. This implies that it is okay to drive in Brazil with a EU registered car. Does this also apply if I am working for 6 months in Brazil? Can I simply bring my ...
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Do I need car insurance and road tax in the United Kingdom?

In Poland road tax is included in petrol, and standard insurance is included in the yearly mandatory car check-up. This insurance and tax does not include anything outside of Poland though. Can I ...
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Buying car in Germany as an EU-citizen

I'm an EU citizen (Poland) and resident of Germany. I'm planning to buy a car, but obligatory insurance in Germany is much more expensive than in Poland. Am I obliged to insure a newly bought car in ...
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