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UK Registered car, French insurance

We have recently purchased a new/second-hand Audi from the UK and are in the process of re-registering it in France where we have lived for he past 10 years (My husband is Irish and I am British). We ...
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Comprehensive insurance for leased car in the uk on foriegn license

I am looking into leasing a car in the UK with my new york license. I need comprehensive insurance for it, but because I have a foreign license all the insurance quotes are more than double than if I ...
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UK car insurance when switching from International driving license to full UK driving license

UPDATE: I called my insurer. they took my UK full driving license details. There is No extra fee charged! At least until February. We'll see what happens in February at the renewal. I've an ...
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Insurance Application When Exchanging a Drivers License

I am exchanging one European driving license for another. Its a simple procedure of sending it away and getting a new one from the county where you are now living. No tests or anything required When ...
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What is the procedure for buying a new car in the US (California)?

I am a new student in the US. I want to buy a car in cash and found one in the Facebook market. But I don't know what are the afterwards steps? 1- Should I give all the money in cash to the seller and ...
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