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Is it possible to stay in Spain after I get my PhD? [duplicate]

I got a Ph.D. admission as an international student from Madrid University. As an Iranian, if I got admission from another country other than Spain I would choose to stay there too because of the ...
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Should I join UK for a job, or should I stay in Germany? [closed]

I am currently getting 80K in my current position, will be 90, or maybe 100K next year. I have an offer from the UK for 55K to 60K including a bonus. I feel comfortable in Germany, but the language is ...
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Is it easy to move to Singapore as a UK citizen for a career in programming/business? [closed]

Looking to migrate or looking for experience to start a new life.
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Can I quit my job in Dubai and go to my home country?

I have been working for a company for the last 5 months. Can I quit this job and go to my home country? As I want to leave Dubai and go to my country. I have heard that, I have to pay visa fees or 1.5 ...
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American C# developer looking to move to EU [closed]

I am a C# developer and a US citizen. I wanted to explore software development or engineering roles in start ups in EU, in particular in cities such as Amsterdam, London or Stockholm. I have a master ...
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