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Would my infant daughter born in UK need a TB screening test to return to UK?

My daughter was born in UK in Fenruary 2018. She left UK on 25 April 2018 with her mother to go back home to Pakistan. I am now applying for her visa to join me in March 2019. Would she need to get ...
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Exemption for children in the USA: should I get an ITIN or a SSN for them?

I am a French citizen on a J1 visa in the USA, and recently became a resident alien. As such, I will be taxed. If I read correctly the IRS page, I can claim exemption for my wife and our two kids (all ...
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Can I take my daughter with me for my ILR appointment even if she is not an applicant?

I am applying for my ILR next week. I have opted for same day decision and my appointment is in Croydon center. The appointment is quite early in the morning considering the time it would take for me ...
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Main Applicant’s children are aged out or not?

My aunt applied for the F4 US (Family Preference Immigrant Visa) 13 years ago for my mother and her family. Now that we have received our approved petition letter after 13 years, we’re not sure if ...
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