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Maternity in Sweden, on short notice

I have a postdoc position in Sweden starting January next year, and signed the contract already. My fiance and I (we're both German nationals) planned to move to Sweden, me in January, she by the end ...
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How do I apply for a permission to stay for a child born in the UK?

I live in the UK on a Tier 2 visa, and my son was born in the UK. According to If you have children while you’re in the UK, you can apply for ...
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Mexico Permanent Residency requirements when minor turns 18

We have recently become permanent residents of Mexico (having lived here for the required 4 years as temporary residents). So recent, in fact, that we're still waiting on the new ID cards. We had one ...
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Switzerland: Private path to university if they fail to access Gymnasium

It is my understanding that children at 15 are offered access to Gymnasium/Liceo based on their performance of the previous two years. So anyone who fails that will be barred from uni, or at least ...
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Can I take my daughter with me for my ILR appointment even if she is not an applicant?

I am applying for my ILR next week. I have opted for same day decision and my appointment is in Croydon center. The appointment is quite early in the morning considering the time it would take for me ...
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Childcare in England: are the 15 "free" hours ever actually free?

I am preparing to move to Oxford as a postdoc, with two kids aged 1 and 3. I am currently trying to sort out childcare, and what I am seeing so far does not seem very reassuring. I have learned that, ...
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Do I need a tenancy agreement in my name for T2 Dependant visa [UK]?

Im applying for my daughter to come join me in March 2019. She was born in UK but had to travel back for a few months as her mother needed to be back home for some family matters (The mother has a T2 ...
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Minor child’s passport and blue card expired in Germany

Currently I am living in Germany and my daughter’s passport and blue card both are expired on Jan 31, 2024, but i just noticed it today. I am completely blank, could anyone please guide, how does it ...
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11 year old dual Australian British citizen, living in UK and travelling to Australia on UK passport

My British-Aussie daughter lives in UK. she became a citizen of Australia and has a UK passport. We are travelling to Australia for a holiday. Do i need to get an Aussie passport for her trip
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Work permit for J2 minor dependents (under 7 years old)

I work in the US as a researcher under J1 visa. I would like to know if it is possible to get the work permit (EAD) for my J2 minor children (3 and 5 years old). I would like to get the SSN for them ...
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DV lottery (Green Card) application without child photo

I've been divorced and remarried. I have a son from my previous marriage who lives with his mom, and two kids from the current one. I'm thinking of applying for DV lottery (green card). The ...
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Do I qualify for a Dutch Passport if my mother was a Dutch National?

My mothers family has lived in the Netherlands since the year 1542. My grandparents (mothers parents) moved to Canada when my mother was 10 years old. My unmarried mother had me when she was 19 years ...
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Father's approval for UK Tier 2 dependent visa for my 2-month old baby

I am the main tier 2 applicant, I have a two-month old baby. He is my dependent. I live inEgypt, my husband lives in gulf. We are not divorced but he is absent from our life. He included in marriage ...
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Tier 2 dependent visa for child currently outside the UK

My daughter is almost 3 and she was born in the UK - currently out of the UK for over a year with her grandparents. We are stuck at the moment with getting her a TB test because the country in Africa ...
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Poc card for child of Pakistani mother and indian father

My kids born in ksa got indian citizenship. Can they get pakistan origion card on base of their pakistani mother.?
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Will our daughter get a dependent Thai visa if the parents are traveling to Thailand for a language course?

A married couple from Israel is going to Thailand to study Thai for nine months each on an ED visa. What visa, if any, will their baby daughter receive in order to stay in Thailand for the same amount ...
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