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How are various reasons of asylum seeking in US compared, in terms of their likelihoods of success?

How are various reasons of asylum seeking (politics, religion, LGBTQ, ...) compared, in terms of their successful likelihoods for immigration to US? From China in particular, or if that is not ...
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Applying for UK visa while US visa in queue for 221(g) Administrative Processing - Too risky?

I interviewed for a B1/B2 US visa back in June, and was issued a 221(g) form in seconds. Judging from the experiences of hundreds of others in the same situation, I will have to wait for them to ...
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US/Chinese newlyweds living in China, hoping to visit family in the USA, and return to our life in China

I'm an American expat, graduated university and came to China to teach in 2016. I met my Chinese wife in late 2020 and we got married here in February 2022. Our goal is to go to West Virginia to visit ...
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How does the consular officer decide whether to grant a 1-year or 5-year F1 visa to Chinese students?

I read on The U.S. Department of State (“DOS”) has issued guidance to consular officers in China that could result in shorter visas for a small number of Chinese students beginning June ...
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Do I lose my properties in China if I give up Chinese citizenship?

I'm a Chinese citizen by birth. My parents left their property (including houses and saving accounts) to me, which are all under my name. I'm now living in Canada and considering applying for Canadian ...
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Hong Kong visa for Chinese passport holder living abroad?

I'm getting sponsored by a company in HK to work over there. I would like to bring with me my father (60+ years old) who has a Chinese passport and is living in Italy. What are the solutions for him ...
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How fast can my spouse get her green card based on my green card?

I'm not a US citizen, I received my GC in June 2018. My girlfriend is Chinese citizen and studies in US. Her legal standard expires in 2 years. How long is the process of adding my spouse to my green ...
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Best way for Chinese citizens to get jobs not in China?

My girlfriend is Chinese and I live in England, what is the best way of us living in the same country? I think it would be easier for her to find a job in the UK that offers a visa sponsor, this has ...
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