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Income requirement for Columbian TP-7 visa

One source says proof of income three times Columbia's minimum wage/salary. That works out to under five hundred US dollars per month. says it's $717. "retire in the ...
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I am legally married to a German citizen since almost three years ago but we are not together anymore, can I apply to a resident permit?

I am a Colombian citizen who married a German citizen almost three years ago. We married in Germany. At the moment, we are not together anymore, but we are still legally married and I would like to ...
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Marriage between Colombian and USA citizen

I currently live in Puerto Rico and my fiance lives in Colombia. We both have kids and she shares custody with her kid's parent. We are planning to get married but we don't want to leave either ...
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UK Tier 2 visa interview/biometrics and decision time

I am applying for a Tier 2 general visa and I have all my documents ready, except my English language certification, which won't be ready until August 31, but my start date is September 17. I was ...
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If I am applying for a researcher visa (hosting agreement) in Ireland, could my family apply for family visas at the same time?

I am from Colombia, and I am currently in a recruitment process. I have had 4 interviews and I'm waiting for a formal offer, but it is not clear yet which work permit/visa scheme will be used. As far ...
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Some experience or advice for moving from Colombia to Ireland

Me and my wife want to move to Ireland. We are from Colombia and as far as I know, our best option is moving for work. From what I have been searching, these are the steps we need to do. I need ...
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Colombian TP-13 Visa Category

I'm planning to go to Colombia, in search of work and live there as my girlfriend's from there, from what I searched, I think TP-13 is my best option. Can someone share his/her experience with the ...