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Establish a company (UG) while being employed

I have a permanent residency (Niederlassungserlaubnis) in Germany and I’m employed full time. I want to create a company (UG) so I can upload my apps in Apple app store and benefits from tax ...
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Can I be hired by my boyfriend in his company with H1B visa?

I know this is a kind of question we have probably already asked but I keep reading and I never get the answer I look for, I never find the same situation. I am French, living in Spain and my ...
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Blue card + starting my own business

Are Blue Card holders in Germany allowed to start a business besides their work as an employee? I'm a non-EU engineer, with a blue card, working fulltime in a company in Germany. I want to cofound a ...
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How long can I drive a company EU-registered car in the UK?

I work for a German company and I am a resident in the UK working for the UK register branch. I drive a car in the UK for company and private use. This car is on EU registered number plates and is own ...
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What process must I go through to get Australian/NZ contractors into USA?

I have a company that has signed a contract with a US company to do some consultancy work for them. My team is from Australia and New Zealand. What process needs to be undertaken to allow them to ...
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Can I work as a "corporation" in EU for the sole proprietorship I have in USA? [closed]

I have been working as a (as a sole proprietor, contract-based) IT consultant here in USA for some years. Now I have been thinking about accepting a role in UK. I am an EU citizen but since the role ...
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How can I work on my own startup on H1b visa without green card?

Here's the situation: I have been in the US for ~8 years (4 years on H1b) and I want to Incorporate or create a LLC either in my name, or be a sole stake holder /partner in the company with an XYZ ...
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If I'm from another EU country, what do I need to do to permanently live and freelance in Germany?

I'm from Croatia and have been studying Computer Science for the past 5 years in Germany so now that I'm finished I'd like to stay a bit longer and make my living freelancing legally (open a small ...
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Where can I be tax resident when I don't stay in any EU-country longer that 6 months a year?

I'm a Polish citizen. I've become a German resident because I'm working there, and as fair as I have learned, I'm treated as resident if I'm in given country (Germany) more than 180 days a year. This ...
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